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Re: stupid newbie question

At 08:37 PM 08/02/96 PST, you wrote:
>OK, first message. I'm setting up a MOO. One member
>of the CS dept is in strong opposition... very strong...
>what can I do to
>politically: quiet her fears
>Technically: make the MOO secure
>she's worried about breakins... and says MOOs are notorious
>among sysops as security nightmares. After months of work
>on my part to get the server acquired and running, she wants
>it shut down and banned.
>ps. it's running BSD with the Lambda core...

She's talking urban folklore.

Ask her to supply you the name of somebody who has experienced a problem.
Folklore tends to vanish when you try to pin it down to a source, as quite
frankly, it has no source.

You could also ask for exact details of what and where and how the security
could be breached.  This will also be an elusive target, because, quite
simply, there isn't one.




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