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[Newbie Question :] mild problem with lambdacore

I just ftp'd the latest 1.7.9ish moo and lambda db from xerox, since I'm 
about to start work on a personal moo project and felt I should have a 
fairly recent server and db to work from.

There appear to be two small problems in the db, which I'm sure
have been noted before, but I just wanted to know if the way I "fixed" 
them was the proper way to do it.

The first is that the building-help database seemed to have got lost 
somehow. The databse was still in the core, but the .help property on the 
programmer character doesn't list it as one of the help databases. I 
"fixed" it by setting the null value of the $ to a list 
containing the building-help database.

Also - the $player_class value for the parent object of new characters was
set to generic player, which meant that confunc would barf (verb not found
@ line 4) : no other apparent effects, apart from not being a descendant
of the mail-receiving player-object. I've changed the $player_class value
to #90 (gen mail-receiving player). Is this correct? Or is there something
deeper wrong with the lambdacore-latest.db.Z on xerox? 

Sorry if I've asked a FAQ. I've looked through the newbie Arch-wiz doc 
and some other stuff and couldn't see it mentioned.


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