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Re: inconsistency in #0:do_command

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, Richard Connamacher wrote:

> I'm using 1.8.0beta1.  (Yeah I know, I'm upgrading to beta2 as soon as I 
> have a chance)
> @list #0:do_command
> COMMAND: #2 {"@list", "#0:do_command"}
> #0:do_command   none none none
>  1:  if (#2.monitoring_commands)
>  2:    #2:notify(tostr("COMMAND: ", player, " ", toliteral(args)));
>  3:  endif

How about doing it like this...

if (#2.monitoring_commands)
  #2:notify(tostr("COMMAND: ", player, argstr));

THis should make it look exactly as the person typed in the command.


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