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Inter-moo communications?

 Hello, all.. I'm trying to set up some simple communications between two 
MOOs, basically an inter-MOO gateway.  I was thinking of having an object 
on each side open an outbound connection to the other MOO.
 Then if someone on moo "A" wanted to send the message "foo" to the other 
side, then the object on A which had the communciations open would cause 
a verb on $login on moo B to be called. Two half duplex channels = one 
full duplex.  Is there a better way to do this?

 Also, I have a simple gateway that lets one browse the MOO objects from
a web browser. Right now, a cgi-bin opens up a new connection to the MOO 
and runs a hidden verb on $login, grabs the output, and closes the 

 I have solutions (as mentioned) for both of these, I was just wondering 
if anyone had more efficient solutions. Any ideas appreciated, thanks!  
BTW I am on version 1.7.8p4, if that makes a difference.

Steven R. Loomis    Sysop of Monkey Lives BBS                 aka "strcpy"


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