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Well, you *Could* use the standard CRC system for this, but why bother?  All you 
want is a way of checking that the data you want has arrived in the form it 
left?  Do you *really* want to try and repair this code if it arrives in a 
damaged form, and more to the point, do you really want to do this in a builtin, 
with the whole MOO lagging while it does it?  I'd suggest using MPL to open a 
clean connection between the MOOs (most of my @autoport errors have been due to 
other text getting in to the transfer, I think) and remembering that a certain 
amount of packet checking gets done before you get to see it anyway.

I'd just suggest that in mho, calculating a checksum would be far simpler - and 
you can do it in-MOO.  If a transfer is bad, do it again - trying to fix what 
you've managed to get is probably not worth the effort.

Has anyone thought of using the new abilities of 1.8.0, such as binary code 
:tell()s and MPL, to build a simple in-MOO FTP system to do all this?  Would be 
useful for grabbing large amounts of text into objects too...  We've discussed 
it before at MOOtiny, but if someone else has the time to do it???

TC/ Moredhel.

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