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It doesn't have to be unique. it is just an error detection system.

All you want to do is put a marker at the end of the string, that will
be sufficiently different if a common error happens, to indicate that
the string/file/whatever, is no longer correct. 

Error Recovery is NOT part of CRC.

Isn't a crc something like a checksum?


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On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Richard Connamacher wrote:

> > Cyclical Redundancy Check, I believe.  It generates a 'signature' for a chunk
> > of data that can be used to easily check whether two large chunks of data are
> > the same.
> Hrm..  how accurate is it?  I would imagine that whever you take a large chunk 
> of data and compress it into a tiny signature, it would be possible for two 
> different sets of data, or more, to have the same signature.  I assume it's much 
> faster than checking if the data itself is identical on both sides of the 
> connection :)
> Phantom

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