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>Can anyone out there make a CRC builtin for 1.8.0?  I would like to make a
>program that keeps things updated from MOO to MOO, so instead of sending the
>whole text or using a slow in-MOO crc program, a builtin for CRCing lists &
>strings would be great...  maybe it might even make it into 1.8.0...

Pavel once wrote, in the list of planned goodies for 1.8.0:
        -- a small change involving less than a day of my time
-- hash(value)
        A primitive consistently mapping arbitrary MOO values into quite random
        integers (or maybe lists of integers, to get enough bits), enabling a
        variety of applications (like inter-MOO value transfer) where a quick
        check is needed to determine if two values are the same without having
        to actually transfer the value first.  For the cognoscente, this will
        probably involve the use of either MD5 or Snefru, two available
        cryptographically-secure hash functions.

This didn't make it into the final list of 1.8.0 features. Pavel, any
chance of having it anyway? :)

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