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>>>>> "Kipp" == Kipp the Kidd <> writes:

    >> It is faster in that the real work is only done once at the
    >> origin of the data.  It is an information theoretic convolution
    >> of the inforation, so that a given CRC is capable of detecting
    >> N bits in error.  For the purpose here, it is unlikeley that to
    >> nearly similar MOOs would have the same CRC and the same size
    >> and the same filedate.  I would not trust the CRC alone to tell
    >> me they were the same -- it is more of a flag to say they are
    >> different in this case.  If the crc is different, the data is
    >> most certainly different.  If the crc is the same, look at
    >> other factors to be sure.

    Kipp> I was going to use this on verb code, and I doubt that 2
    Kipp> bunches of verb code would A) Be different B) BOTH
    Kipp> Compile/make sense and C) have the same CRC.  Perhaps it
    Kipp> would be best for it to work on any value though, since I
    Kipp> could do the same thing with updating properties.  You must
    Kipp> remember that the general setup for the object will remain
    Kipp> the same, and only small parts of verbs and props will
    Kipp> change.  I think that in order to make different texts with
    Kipp> a matching CRC, the texts will have to be VERY different.
    Kipp> It's not likely that I will modify the object SO much.

You are correct in this.  If you sent a list of verb names, lengths,
and crcs, you woould probably have a good indicator of differentness
(is that a word?)

    Kipp> - Kipp -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- GCS/CC d- s+:- a16
    Kipp> C++ UL++++ P+ L++ E-? W+ !N--@ !o-- K->K++++++ w++(--) O-
    Kipp> M-- V--? PS++(+) PE(--) Y+ PGP-? t+ 5(+) X++ R+++(*) !tv b+
    Kipp> DI++++ D++++ G e* h!()(*) r+ !y+ ------END GEEK CODE

Pardon my out-of-touchedness (that's gotta be a word :-) but what is
with this geek code block stuff?

    Kipp> BLOCK------ -----BEGIN NOT SO GEEKY BLOCK----- MOO projects:
    Kipp> RPG Minimal.db: 5000 MOO2000:
    Kipp> 2000 MundoHispano: 8888
    Kipp> ------END NOT SO GEEKY BLOCK------

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