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floatstr() question

Hm, if I type this:

I get what the changelog said it would, a string truncated to the maximum
number of digits allowed (15).
=> "1.000000000000000"
[used 2 ticks, 0 seconds.]

but if I type this:

I get a string that can go over the maximum digits allowed:
=> "1.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
[used 2 ticks, 0 seconds.]

The problem arises when I try some decimal part that goes over this limit:
=> "1.89999999999999991118215802998747676610946655273438"
[used 2 ticks, 0 seconds.]

should negative precision numbers be truncated like positive ones, left
alone, or cause an error? anyone want to try $minint for precision?

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