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A few questions

Okay, I just got on the list service group and I have a few questions. 
Don't flame me if every newbe askes these, I have checked the FAQ but 
were unable to find the answers. First, what is the latest verson of 
lambda MOO core available? Can I upgrade without losing all my current 
info? Second (I know it's third, but the first two were realy the same 
question) when I do a @show on some numbers it says they aren't there. 
Like for instance, #145 doesn't exits, but i'm creating objects in the 
#600+ range now. I know it should let me use them again, but it doesn't 
seem to want to. How can I be sure those are being used, or will be, and 
why are they there in the first place?
  That's it for now, please keep the flames to a dull inferno.

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