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I am now sorta releasing an alpha version of the Paradigm core.  The core is
less than 300K.  If you want a copy, mail me with the address you will start
the MOO with and I'll mail you the Z or gz'd core.  I want to keep a list of
sites since there will be a program that updates the core without starting
over, and there is a network MOOs can connect with.  The core MUST run on
1.8.0alpha5 or above, but you won't get full capability unless you have the
latest version.  Let's call this alpha1.  I will mail the ArchWizards with
code for the core updater, in alpha2, and versions alpha3 and up will all be
sent via the MOO net.

Core's features:

- Very simple, optional MUD-like in-db parsing.
    (Create a tnt +x verb, and add that verb to the object's
      .parser_verbs property)
- Multi-line login screen with prompts.  It also works with clients that
    for some reason send 2 CR's, 2 LF's or CRLF.
- Automatic player configuration, asking gender, race, and class(*) upon
    creation. (Look at the verbs and properties on $local)

     * Right now, race is stored in a confusing form, and class isn't
       implemented.  Will change.
- 'Netdead' function.  Players do not drop their item if their client
    disconnects them.  They have 20 minutes to re-log in and find an inn
    or quit properly.
- A system task, which controls random messages and HP/MANA/enemy
- Friendly ways of telling players that something is wrong with the
    command they typed, instead of the confusing traceback.  It will also
    give them debug info to give to an 'immortal' (Programmer or Wizard)
- Flexible properties... object:_property() is used instead of so that programmers may create verbs that do a better
    job at making the environment more flexible.  There is also an
    included verb that updates all obj.prop refs to obj:_prop(), for
    those that can't get the hang of it.
- Invisibility is FULLY implemented and functional, on a very flexible
    system.  There is an easy way to add other methods of stealth.
    (Edit $util:is_invis)
- Property based exits, locks and doors. (Is this a feature or a bug?)
- Safe color codes that work with word wrap.  (Thanks to DarkOwl for
    helping me out on some of this code)
- Fast, induvidual pronoun substitution so that the recieving objects can
    decide if they 'see' something or not, because of invisibility.
    Similar to $you:pronoun_sub's behavior.
- Pronoun substitution also suppourts width formatting;
    If given this string:  "%8w%N"
    Everyone else sees:  "Kipp    "
             Kipp sees:  "You     "
- Optional multi-line list of a room's contents.
- Lambda's $gender_utils (Is this OK lambda people?)
- *** The help is functional, but incomplete.
- Generic Banker, Receptionist (Innkeeper) and guild.
- (slightly buggy) $recycler.  Does a better job of keeping max_object()
- Fully functional network utility for connecting to other MOOs in
    branches.  Users may do a 'who' of remote MOOs, and talk to
    people elsemoo.  (Look at $network and :connect(site[,port]))
- *** There will soon be rooms players from several MOOs can meet in
    to fight, and much later, people will be able to wander from MOO
    to MOO.
- Personal command aliases. (See 'help alias')
- Default weapons 'fists' 'teeth' and 'hoof'.  (dragon stuff coming too)
- Customizeable prompts
- Very intelligent 'say' verb; say <msg> to <player>
- Builtin chat channels:  gossip, auction and newbie.
    Immortal channel for progs, and Wiz channel for wizards.
- 'idea' and 'bug' commands.
- *** 'typo' and 'ask' commands will be added too.
- following and grouping
- Completely functional social verb core (look at the properties on
- Several toggleable options (type help toggle)
- *** Incomplete character-at-a-time editor (may be removed)
- Objects can transparently swap IN and OUT of memory.  (Only if FUP is
    installed.  Set $swap_objects to 1)

- Kipp
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w++(--) O- M-- V--? PS++(+) PE(--) Y+ PGP-? t+ 5(+) X++ R+++(*)
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