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Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

>>>>> "Kipp" == Kipp the Kidd <> writes:

    >> Unfortunately, it doesn't have any MOO functionality
    >> underneath, and IMO, it, WorldsChat, etc, are essentially
    >> pretty IRCs until they do.

    Kipp> WorldsChat is not at all VRML...  there is a circle of
    Kipp> staircases (all going UP) ... when you go around them, you
    Kipp> end up in the same place... I thought VRML was a little more
    Kipp> realistic...  It also seems that the 3d info is stored on
    Kipp> the local machine... meaning it cannot be flexible...  You
    Kipp> can't add new rooms unless all the users re-download the
    Kipp> 4-meg install programs.

Actually, in a distributed object oriented VR, all that needs to
really be done is to pass messages, including create messages, to all
the active nodes.  Inheritance helps cut down the amount of
information that needs to be passed in the create message.  Of course,
a bunch of stuff needs to be passed when you first connect, to bring
your node up to date -- especially if you have never connected before :)

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