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Re: Deleted Props

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Rodney Adam Gray wrote:

> I have encountered a slight problem on a MOO where I wiz.  Seems that 
> everytime I log out of the MOO all of my properties get cleared.  E.g. my age 
> is reset to 0 (never connected), my .all_connect_places is empty, my @audit 
> shows nothing (even though examining several objects shows I still own them) 
> and the number 1 killer - my password either gets changed or it to is deleted.

Have you checked, carefully, through the relevant :disfunc()s?  (Namely, 
yours and all its predecessors, and the room's and all its 
predecessors.)  Something odd may be happening in them, though why I have 
no idea. :)



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