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Re: $handle_uncaught_error

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996 wrote:

> >Is there any chance $handle_uncaught_error could be called with another
> >argument made up of a list of all the variables defined in the tracebacking
> >verb, along with their values?  Or maybe even all of the variables in all
> >the calling verbs?
> >
> that sounds like a good idea, or at least the builtin ones like argstr,
> dobjstr etc.
> no sig, just me.
I have nearly completed a package to be installed in extensions.c that 
will include a builtin that functions as either callers() or task_stack(), 
except that it lists all variables in each stack frame.  I think that 
this will be able to do what you'd like...I will be posting an 
announcement here soon giving a URL for the package and a description of 
the functions included.



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