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(Fwd) A few questions

: Okay, I just got on the list service group and I have a few questions.
: Don't flame me if every newbe askes these, I have checked the FAQ but
: were unable to find the answers. First, what is the latest verson of
: lambda MOO core available?

I am new here myself...

But, I think the latest version is MOO-1.7.9p2 and is down-loadable from
(1.8.0 has a beta version available according to the FAQ).

: Can I upgrade without losing all my current
: info?

I am not sure, but the FAQ states: "...There is no easy way to merge
databases...The easiest thing build/rebuild the objects by hand. (For
information on how to do so, see 'help @dump' on LambdaMOO." (section 2.2 of
the FAQ).

: Second (I know it's third, but the first two were realy the same
: question) when I do a @show on some numbers it says they aren't there.
: Like for instance, #145 doesn't exits, but i'm creating objects in the
: #600+ range now. I know it should let me use them again, but it doesn't
: seem to want to. How can I be sure those are being used, or will be, and
: why are they there in the first place?

Not true.  According to the LamdaMOO Programmer's Manual (section 1.2 Objects):

	The identifying number associated with an object is unique to that
object. It was assigned when the object was created and will never be reused,
even if the object is destroyed. Thus, if we create an object and it is
assigned the number '#1076", the next object to be created will be assigned
'#1077', even if '#1076' is destroyed in the meantime.

Mike Walsh

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