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I don't see a lot of use for this, primarily because VRML world systems are beginning to show up right and left.  MOO is a text-based system which would only hold you back and hinder you whereas a real VRML based system which was designed with VRML as the primary I/O intent will be far superior.

There are two VRML world systems I know of, one is put out by intel, search for 'Moondo', and the other is put out by Worlds, and is currently designated AlphaWorld (Http://  These both allow you to download VRML world browsers, and the second one even allows you to build things with sound and animated objects and http links.  Neither of these platforms yet allow you to do a lot of things that MOO can do, but I don't imagine it will be too long before they're designed into the systems, so I'd strongly suggest you take a look at these before you spend too much time trying to figure out how to make MOO do what it was never designed to do, especially the one at  (And just for the heck of it if anyone cares to take a look, my building is at 649s/491e on :) )

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