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Re: MOO and VRML

Nick says:
> If anyone might be interested in collaborating with me to write a MOO/VRML
> environment from scratch, please e-mail
> It would of course be freeware, so you would get no profit.. just the 
> experience :)
> /Nick, ArchWiz STAR WARS MOO (opening August 1996! )
> e-mail:

We've been thinking a lot about VRML/MOO things, along with some other
WWW/MOO interactions.  Our current thought is to build a MOO/httpd
hybrid: change the flat pages of the web into rooms, change a MOO to
deal with HTTP connections.  The MOO serves HTML, built out of the
database for each connection.  The HTML then contains references to
the VRML, so that the the MOO never contains the VRML, just the

Doing it our way, the code could probably be self contained enough to
be just another add-on to LambdaMOO -- a compile-time option like
NS_BSD/NP_TCP.  But the VRML would be essentially static, missing a
lot of the fun.  Building a MOO that serves VRML native is appealing.
Maybe the ground up rewrite would be worth it.

I'd love continue this thread if anyone else is interested.  You can
check out '' to see our first attempt at a
MOO in HTML.  No VRML, but a working demo of an HTTP-MOO interface.

(Note that we are commercial, but lightweights who would probably put
our efforts into a MOO/VRML freeware project if it was going the same
general direction as we were.)


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