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Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

At 07:29 PM 2/16/96 PST, John P. Wilson wrote:
>Intel seems to have MOO-like VRML-like server and client software 
>available for free download.  DOn't remember the address off hand but can 
>look it up if anyone wants it.

It's called MOOndo, and it's at

I spoke with one of the MOOndo programmers, and the original plan was to
build it on top of a MOO (hence the name)..

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any MOO functionality underneath, and IMO,
it, WorldsChat, etc, are essentially pretty IRCs until they do.

Hopefully, MOOndo will stay true to it's original vision and come around
with some interesting infrastructure..
jesse montrose <>
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