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Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

Dear Dima,

I *hope* this is the right place to dicuss this, even though
I know little about vrml. I also am curious to know how
sprawl webbed its moo site, and whether this allows for graphics,
mpegs, and other such things. The moo I'm starting is 
"purely" educational, and mostly for english classes. Say I wanted
to have an on-line class meeting, and we were discussing some
poet's work. I wish all the students could see a picture of the
poet, see a short clip of her working in her garden, and hear
her reading a poem. I also wish that, from the moo, they could 
click on an <h ref> and go directly to a searchable archive of
her complete works, as well as a searchable archive of a listserv
discussing her poems...

Does anyone know if we're close to this kind of capability?
is it somewhere on the horizon?



At 03:19 PM 2/16/96 PST, Dmitri Kondratiev wrote:
>I am not sure if it is a right place to ask, but maybe somebody
>here will point me a to group discussing issues
>related to MOO architecture based on VRML 2.0 ?
>IMHO one of the interesting questions here is the merge of these
>two technolgies and finding the right approach to divide behavior and event
>processing between MOO and VRML. Any ideas ?


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