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Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

I too am involved in building a moo, only this time to create a
virtual conferencing/educational environment for religious
discussions.  The metaphor is a church summer camp, where there are no
distrctions from one Sunday morning to the next, but the whole
environment is church oriented.  

I would like very much to have online access to resources such as
Bible search engines, dictionaries, Greek and Hebrew lexicons,
biographies of significant figures in the church, etc.  Being able to
see maps is a great help on some subjects.  Photographs of people and
places always helps set the stage.

All this is out there on the web, but needs to be hooked to in a clean
manner that is MOO friendly.  I think that we have idendified a need
with this thread of postings.  Now, does anyone already have the
solution in their back pocket?

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