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Re: Verb access problem in new server...

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On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Ron Stanions wrote:

> I asked this question a few days ago but got no response.  My guess is it got eaten by the sudden influx of posts concerning VRML-ifying MOO.  :)
> ----------
> The new server allows access to a verb via it's position in verbs(#obj) but I can't find any way
> to execute that verb via its number.
> (This example is not based on LambdaCore)
> verbs = verbs(this);
> for x in [1..length(verbs)]
>   if ($lib:match_verb(verbs[x], "foo") && $lib:match_args(verbs[x], "this","none","none"))
>     ... how do I execute verb # x? ...  me:(x)() yeilds a type mismatch.
>   endif
> endfor
> player:tell("I don't understand.");
> I know I could set the server option to re-enable the old method, but that doesn't sound like
> the right solution.

How about using the number as an index to verbs(me) might have to add one
to bring it into alignment. but it should be a simple reference, as long
as they haven't sorted the verb list....

me:(verbs(me)[x+1])() ?

just a guess.


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