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RE: Verb access problem in new server...

>> I asked this question a few days ago but got no response.  My guess is it got eaten by the sudden influx of posts concerning VRML-ifying MOO.  :)
>> ----------
>> The new server allows access to a verb via it's position in verbs(#obj) but I can't find any way
>> to execute that verb via its number.
>> ...stuff deleted
>How about using the number as an index to verbs(me) might have to add one
>to bring it into alignment. but it should be a simple reference, as long
>as they haven't sorted the verb list....
>me:(verbs(me)[x+1])() ?
>just a guess.
>				Grey

Nope, this won't do it.  if I have two verbs on the same object named 'get', one with args 'this-none-none' and the other with 'any-from-this', verbs(#obj) will return two occurrances of 'get' with no way to reference the second one.  I could set $server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings to 1 and use #obj:(tostr(index - 1))(), but again, if the idea is to move away from text-based unambiguous reference then the server is going to have to be made to support #obj:(NUM)().


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