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RE: Couple of Questions, Q2

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Stanions <> writes:

    Ron> If you don't have a dedicated IP address though, every time
    Ron> you connect = you will have to send E-mail to the people who
    Ron> want to call your site = and tell them what the current
    Ron> address is.

This is key to others being able to get to your MOO.  I run a Linux
box with a MOO, a MUSE, a webserver, an anonymous ftp server, and a
MajorDomo mailing list server on it.  I am connected by a CSLIP link
to my ISP at 14.4 KBPS.  I would run faster, but my ISP charges for
bandwidth, so to go from 14.4 to 28.8 would double my monthly ISP
bill.  14.4 is fast enough for my present needs.  If I started
charging for access to my machine, I could afford to go 28.8, but a
lot of my traffic is church related, and they do not have much budget.
If you do not have a dedicated IP address, and a registered domain
name that points to it, then it is very difficult for people to find
you to connect up.  I am paying $95 per month for 24 hour full time
connection at 14.4, and it was the best deal I could find and still
have a toll free local phone call to connect to the POP.  If that is a
bit steep for you, you would be better finding a site that had a
permanent IP adddress, a registered domain name, and a 24 hour
connection to be the home for your MOO. and you could telnet in to it
when you needed to get on.

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