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RE: Couple of Questions, Q2

Missed the second question all together. :)

Ok, all you need on the linux side is PPP which you already have.  If you aren't making your connection to your provider through PPP or SLIP, then you need to ask them whether they have a package called 'tia' or 'the internet adaptor' installed.  I can't help you much with how to set this up, but it's not too difficult.    There's another method which actually comes with the linux system, but I forget its name.  something like (but not) slipterm or netterm,  but you will also need your provider to have this package as well.  As long as you can compile on your providers machine you could install them yourself, (though tia comes precompiled-only, browse the web for it.)  This second package really doesn't allow people to access your machine from outside though.

If you don't have a dedicated IP address though, every time you connect you will have to send E-mail to the people who want to call your site and tell them what the current address is.

The moo will start up correctly under linux as long as you have the networking package installed (all part of the linux distribution.)

From:  Muddy Waters[]
Sent:  Monday, February 19, 1996 5:17 PM
Subject:  Couple of Questions
Okay, Second one:

This may be more of a Linux question, but in relation to MOOs (I think).  I
am attempting to install the Slackware version of Linux on my pentium
100mhz, 16RAM machine.  I want to eventually get a MOO up and running on it.
I belive I can accomplish these goals, but...I want to allow others to
access it as well.  I only have a PPP account that I would only be able to
use on nights and weekends.  I have heard of programs that will 'listen' on
other ports and direct connections to the current ip address that is set up
everytime I connect with my ppp account.  Is this all I need? or is there
more? Will the MOO start up correctly not being in single user mode if this
is all I have? and where can I get what I need?

last question, I promise 8)

Okay, this is more of a request than a question, but if anyone knows of a
site for a small role playing MOO that lost it's site a few months ago,
please let me know.  My db file is about 3megs so up and running and with
the server would take up 11megs of space.  Very few people log on (probably
3-4 at one time is unusual), it is more in the building stages than anything
else right now.  Contact me for more details about the theme and policies.

Thanks a lot

Four Seasons MOO
A role playing game &
Internet Tutorial


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