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Re: Connection Redirection?

jesse montrose <> wrote:
>You bet it'd be useful, we'd finally have a su command!

I already have this.  It is admittedly a hack in the notify/tell stack to
get the output from a command redirected, and it doesn't redirect tracebacks
(fixed in 1.8), but I've been doing this since before people were requesting
that a do_command() builtin be added (and Pavel's function to insert a line
of text in the input buffer was a much better idea anyway).
Special thanks to in-database parsing.

Tom Ritchford <> wrote:
>>You might as well just set everyone's .password to a false value.
>???  Don't see this.

Setting .password to a false value lets you login without a password.  And
setting everyone's .password to a false value would allow anyone to login as
anyone else.

>I wasn't planning to swap players wholesale... just whilest inside one room...
>with warnings...

Oh yeah.  Janus and I swap players whilest in the "Freaky Friday" room.
Someone logs in and pages Janus (who is really me) with "Heh, isn't
ThwartedEfforts an asshole?" Surprise!  When does this newly logged in
person receive the 'warning'?  Isn't there already enough player strife?
Too many issues such as this one to deal with. Yuck.

I think a feature such as this would be abused more than used.  All the
possible uses peole have given, while legimate, have not been enough to
persuade me to agree.  Herf.

Andy -- ThwartedEfforts

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