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Re: Connection Redirection?

>From: ThwartedEfforts <>
>Subject: Re: Connection Redirection?
>Message-ID: <>
>Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 10:23:47 PST
>Precedence: bulk
>At 09:48 AM 2/22/96 PST, you wrote:
>>Personally, I think you'd have to add a function to server.c to switch the 
>>connection numbers of the two players in the linked list.  Not hard.  But 
>>worthwhile or useful??
>Agreed.  I can not think of a specific instance where this would be useful,
>and in most cases, it would only confuse the user.

I once wanted something like this... about 3 years ago on Lambda.  I was going to
use it for what later became known as 'morphing'.  See you have a closet full of
bodies, any of which you can put on....

Other uses:  advanced puppetry for RPGs, switching net server objects on the fly...

The uses are few, but generally fairly powerful.



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