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Re: Connection Redirection?

>> Hello,
>>         I'm interested in having a way to transfer what player-object a
>> connection is attached to.  This function would redirect where the
>> incoming text is handled, and call confunc on the new object.  Security
>> concerns aside, does anyone have suggestions on how to make this, so
>> player A can suddenly become player B, without logging out and back in?
>> >From fiddling in database I've come to believe this could only be done by
>> writing a new function to compile into the server?
>>         Help and suggestions would be appreciated,
>> thanks,
>> Morgan Childs
>I see such a thing to be useful in much the same way that the Unix `su'
>is useful.  If you prefer to work as a nonwizard most of the time, this would 
>make it easy to switch users into your wizardly character.

Hmm.. I just open two connections and keep my wiz char idle while I do stuff
with my prog character.. then switch connections if needed.


>Jason R. Mills

Liar, i have the alias Sunwizard @ AquaMOO. You're just Sunwiz. ;)

>RayoDeSol@MundoHispano           Archwizard of Rupert
>SunRay everywhere else.

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