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Re: Connection Redirection?

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Ranalou wrote:

> Say I were to implement a verb on myself, @wiz, which of course is 
> wizard-owned and it's sole purpose is to toggle my wizbit.  Save for a 
> few minor things (like @chown, for example), shouldn't this allow me to 
> fully function as a wizard?  Why play with output redirection and 
> 'su'-like commands?  I forsee being unable use any verbs written on the 
> wizard player-class, and a potential for a breach in security.  My 
> questions are how inconvenienced would I truly be by not being able to 
> execute those verbs, and how potentially large of a security hole could I 
> open up?
Well, first of all, all the verbs you own would now run with wizperms,
creating *lots* of security holes and possibly causing some badly written
code to break.

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