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Re: Server Redirection (was Connection Redirection?)

>Morgan Childs wrote:
>>I'm interested in having a way to transfer what player-object a 
>>connection is attached to.  This function would redirect where the 
>>incoming text is handled, and call confunc on the new object.  Security 
>>concerns aside, does anyone have suggestions on how to make this, so 
>>player A can suddenly become player B, without logging out and back in?  
>>From fiddling in database I've come to believe this could only be done by 
>>writing a new function to compile into the server?
>A much more (potentially) useful capability in my mind would be a client
>that (invisibly) handles server redirection.  Then one could `walk' from one
>MOO to the next, without realizing it -- a step towards distributed multi-user

some muds do that.. if you're looking for a client that does that, I know
tinyfugue does if you /bamf on.

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