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Re: Server Redirection (was Connection Redirection?)

Michael Brundage <>
>Morgan Childs wrote:
>>I'm interested in having a way to transfer what player-object a 
>>connection is attached to.  This function would redirect where the 
>>incoming text is handled, and call confunc on the new object.  Security 
>>concerns aside, does anyone have suggestions on how to make this, so 
>>player A can suddenly become player B, without logging out and back in?  
>>From fiddling in database I've come to believe this could only be done by 
>>writing a new function to compile into the server?
>A much more (potentially) useful capability in my mind would be a client
>that (invisibly) handles server redirection.  Then one could `walk' from one
>MOO to the next, without realizing it -- a step towards distributed multi-user

Seemless redirection from server to server is really the Ultima Thule of
the MOO world.  Then we could walk from one end of the universe to the

Of course, we still have all those problems discussed before about having the
same object appearing on two different MOOs, which is basically keeping track
of state changes.  However, now you mention it, a clever client might be a
much better way to do this than putting all the work onto the server.


Tom Ritchford,

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