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Re: Inter-moo communications?

Followup to:  <>
By author:    "Steven R. Loomis" <>
In newsgroup: local.moo
>  Hello, all.. I'm trying to set up some simple communications between two 
> MOOs, basically an inter-MOO gateway.  I was thinking of having an object 
> on each side open an outbound connection to the other MOO.
>  Then if someone on moo "A" wanted to send the message "foo" to the other 
> side, then the object on A which had the communciations open would cause 
> a verb on $login on moo B to be called. Two half duplex channels = one 
> full duplex.  Is there a better way to do this?

Yes, have the other MOO actually *log in*, say as "fooMOO".  Then use
standard MOO commands, or better yet, a read() loop to read the data.
Much more efficient.

>  Also, I have a simple gateway that lets one browse the MOO objects from
> a web browser. Right now, a cgi-bin opens up a new connection to the MOO 
> and runs a hidden verb on $login, grabs the output, and closes the 
> connection.

Yes, you can have the MOO trap HTTP commands directly.

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