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Re: Server Redirection (was Connection Redirection?)

Michael Brundage drew these hieroglyphs:
> Morgan Childs wrote:
> >I'm interested in having a way to transfer what player-object a 
> >connection is attached to.  This function would redirect where the 
> >incoming text is handled, and call confunc on the new object.  Security 
> >concerns aside, does anyone have suggestions on how to make this, so 
> >player A can suddenly become player B, without logging out and back in?  
> >From fiddling in database I've come to believe this could only be done by 
> >writing a new function to compile into the server?
> A much more (potentially) useful capability in my mind would be a client
> that (invisibly) handles server redirection.  Then one could `walk' from one
> MOO to the next, without realizing it -- a step towards distributed multi-user
> environments.

And as someone mentioned earlier, such a function would be incredibly
useful for RPG'ing.  A game master could sort of sit in their control
room monitoring all manner of puppets, and when necessary, "possess"
the puppet and use it.

I'm gonna have to disagree with my colleague tef (heh, he's gonna have
a few guffaws at this "colleague" stuff) and throw in my opinion as
being for such a function.  The in-db parser won't be able to handle
something like a built-in notify() call, and secondly, a builtin to
bind a connection would work on a non E_CORE MOO also.

As for the security issue ("you wouldn't know who you were talking
to") may I remind people that this function would be undoubtedly
restricted to wizardly permissions, and wizards can silently bump
another person's connection by trivial hacks to #0:do_login_command
to return the victim's objnum, and #0:user_reconnected to suppress any
messages that might be displayed.


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