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Re: The concept of "wizardly ethics"

Well said, Judy!

As an individual responsible for helping to maintain several commercial 
systems, my heart and sentiments are with you all the way.

You are absolutely correct in that trust plays an important issue here - 
bottom line with all of this - NOONE is making ANY individual use ANY 
system (public or private) - it's all a matter of choice.


On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, Judy Anderson wrote:
> OK, you've heard me, I've basically agreed to his proposed code of
> conduct except for the part where I go beat up on the random freshman.
> Does that make it any different?  No.  You still either trust me or
> you don't.  Mr. Freshman might very well have typed "Yes", had the
> "make" script prompted him with "Do you agree to the above", just to
> get his moo running so he could get his mail spying activities
> started.  It still all comes down to "who do you trust."  If you don't
> trust an admin, don't keep private data there, and don't use the same
> password there as you do on other systems.


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