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Re: ethics discussion


Your comments would make sense, and gain much more useful response, if you 
understood one quite important fact.  Apart from the lucky sods at LambdaMOO and 
some of the people on the SenseMedia MOOs, the vast majority of us do this as a 
hobby.  Though some of us are computing professionals too, most are students.

We are not a professional body.  We don't know each other.  We don't necessarily 
have any knowledge of who someone is in reality.  So not only do we not wish to 
spend our leasure time chasing after bores, we in many cases CAN'T.

If you feel a need to chase down nasty people in any field of Net culture, don't 
let me stop you.  If you can't be bothered, but think that others should be held 
to some regulations of your invention to do it, then, quite frankly, you need 
your head examined.  Are you also chasing anyone to get them to stop people 
running snoop on gateways?  Your connection to a MOO could be being read before 
it even reaches it, let alone your email.

MOOs are for fun.  If people say stuff there that they wanted to keep secret, 
that's their lookout.  You don't need to be a wizard to bug people. 

That's my tuppence worth, anyway.

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