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Re: ethics discussion

The ethics for me lies only in the welcome message. If I go onto a MOO 
and it's wide-open with @snoop and such, I think it's reasonable to know 
about this in advance (or shortly thereafter). I assume, maybe wrongly, 
that I'm not being listened to, mail's not being read, etc. Newbies are 
likely to make this assumption even more, since they're not aware that 
these things are possible. And at least for newbies (I'm much more wary 
at the moment) damage can be done - people discuss everything from per- 
sonal affairs to business on the MOOs, and sometimes for example stu- 
dents will be asked to come into one or another for discussion. If it's 
going to be all the way around a buyer beware discussion, then that 
should be known as a general condition of MOOing, which it's not. Even on 
a talker for example, I found myself and a friend being listened to, and 
was taken completely by surprise.


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