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Re: An addendum

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On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Karl Boyken wrote:

> A re-reading of Judy's post reminded me of a point I forgot to make:
> It is not just the hypothetical college freshman who might violate a wizardly
> code of ethics.  Right now, at least one of the "serious" moos has a wizard who
> has violated user privacy by reading moomail (albeit on a different moo).  In
> corresponding with Judy, it also became apparent that she herself does not trust
> many of you.  I don't know how many of you are the hypothetical college freshman
> MOO wiz, but I'd guess that at least some of those she does not trust are at
> least sophomores.

Well there you go.

A Wizard is not a Wizard Only because they are trustworthy, but because for
some reason, in some MOO they have made enough of a contribution to be 
awarded some trust.
They may not be worthy of that trust across the whole MOOscape.

Again, like I said, you are mistaking Wizardry for Professionalism.

The two terms are not at all synonymous.

A Wizard may be an Artist, rather than a Professional and have therefore a
different set of ethics that they hew to.

There might be room for a MOO Professional Association, but it should not
be oriented towards Wizardry.

Actually the problem is more than anything else, an error in the assumptions
of Muds in general, suggesting that Wizards and Administrators would be the
same thing. The MOO community has grown beyond that stage, and is having
trouble, with rewriting the Core Assumptions to catch up.

Please quit assuming that the Wizards are the Administrators in ALL MOO's.



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