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Re: ethics discussion

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Sarah Green wrote:
> 	IMHO, professions do not have "code of ethics" - organizations have 
> 	"code of ethics". For example, there is an AMA "code of ethics" 
> 	Hippocratic oath) but really isn't a medical profession 
> 	"code of ethics".  

This cuts right to the bone Karl, you have the idea that people will
simply WANT to follow this oath because it is there.  This will not 
happen, ever.  However, if you were to have an organization which had 
these codes, and people would be able to have a 'we are members of SAGE' 
message on their MOTD, then things could occur.  But simply shoving it in 
the face of peers and insisting they follow _your_ ideas of moral ethics 
for no other reason than you made them is simply insulting and degrading.


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