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Re: The concept of "wizardly ethics"

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Kenneth L. Bolton wrote:

> <snip> When one of the guests from the remote locations
> began acting up, spamming the discussion, insulting the participants,
> acting unreasonably aggresive toward others of the guests, the
> responsibility fell to me to @toad the bozo.
This is infact the purpose for toad...but:

> <snip>  the toadee was the professor of one of the
> other classes and it affected my grade.
This is an understandable problem. I myself will opt for booting the 
player before toading, expecialy if it's someone who can affect grades.

> ken
One solution is to use an alias when setting up your wizard accounts. 
However, for most of us it's far too late. You could @rename yourself but 
when someone else sees you typing and holds a conversation with you, it's 
kinda hard to avoid the situation. The other option is no to toad the 
person but demote them to a programmer. (difficult, but not impossable) 
However I can understand the complexity of the problem. I myself would 
make a lengthy note explaning the behavior of the @toad-ed wiz and mail 
it to the @toad-ie with carbon copies to your moo user list. (I assume 
you have one) This will explain your actions while at the same time 
assure all users that you do not like to do it, but have to.

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