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Re: The concept of "wizardly ethics"

I am one of a number of co-wizards on a small moo for use by classes at my
school.  About a year ago, a class I was in invited an eminent media
philosopher to discuss one of his recently published works with us on the
MOO.  Parallel classes at other schools joined us.  Now, our sole
intention of the discussion was to cut into and attack verbally the
aforementioned scholar.  When one of the guests from the remote locations
began acting up, spamming the discussion, insulting the participants,
acting unreasonably aggresive toward others of the guests, the
responsibility fell to me to @toad the bozo.  I had only used the command
twice before, and both times only to get an understanding of the process. 
I found it extremely difficult to do it.  I'm not a softy, I've been
newted and toaded, but bouncing this person was a moral test for me.  I
did a lot of thinking on the power we as wizards, even on a small moo,
wield.  I took a lot of heat  the toadee was the professor of one of the
other classes and it affected my grade.  People in my class were afraid of
MOO for a while and only began using it again after I assured them
repeatedly that I don't make a habit of toading.  I don't think a
regulatory code is a Good Thing(tm) because a) it may restrict the 
ability of the wizard to act and b) it may remove the important feelings 
of responsibility required of the wizard in thinking about these issues 
which affect her/his space.  I hope some of this makes sense.



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