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Re: WWW on MOO

Michael Brundage <> said:
>>You know I keep hearing about adding web to this moo and adding FUP to
>>this one.. internetworking moo on this one..

>In any case, making your MOO handle web requests is no big deal.  It needs
>to handle connections which send an initial login command of GET or POST, 
>   GET somedocumentpath someversionnumber
>In the case of POST commands (for forms), you will also need to read and
>decode the additional lines of text (which contain the forms data).  
>Finally, you'll need to perform boot_player() on the connection, so that 
>the Web client knows you're done.

I am trying that, however the problem I have having is that the 
welcome_message is getting printed back on the HTTP client.  I am trying 
to put HTTP authentication in here, too, so I'd like to be able to send 
back text right from the response code (i.e '200 OK...').

I tried nulling out the welcome_message and setting the blank_command to 
a command which does nothing. I even tried sending '200 OK' as the first 
line of #0:do_login_command ... Still, the web browser isn't interpreting 
the '200 OK' as the first piece of data.

Next I'll look at the server source itself.

Any pointers would be appreciated... Thanks!

Steven R. Loomis    Sysop of Monkey Lives BBS                 aka "strcpy"

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