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Re: WWW on MOO

>I am trying that, however the problem I have having is that the
>welcome_message is getting printed back on the HTTP client.  I am trying
>to put HTTP authentication in here, too, so I'd like to be able to send
>back text right from the response code (i.e '200 OK...').
>I tried nulling out the welcome_message and setting the blank_command to
>a command which does nothing. I even tried sending '200 OK' as the first
>line of #0:do_login_command ... Still, the web browser isn't interpreting
>the '200 OK' as the first piece of data.
>Next I'll look at the server source itself.
>Any pointers would be appreciated... Thanks!

Try using the JaysHouse database. If you run Lambda before 1.8 you will
also need the MPL patch (it is part of 1.8). In the JH database you have
basic support to access the help system and notes and such stuff from the
WWW. JH uses an internal format called Jtext that can be converted to
normal text to be read inside the MOO and HTML to be read on the Web). In
TechMOO I recently extended that gateway so it can also process posts and
the MOO can also process cgi-scripts. If you want to look at examples see
the MOO's homepage:

For a more elaborate example see this bulletin board which can be read and
posted to both from the MOO and the WWW.!%23729

But I disgres...

I think the key to your problem is that you should connect to a port
dedicated to WWW connections and thats exactly what MPL does. Why reinvent
the wheel ;)


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