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Re: HTML + MOO + NT = ???

At 05:06 PM 2/3/97 PST, Brandon Gillespie wrote:
>On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Bill McCarty wrote:
>> I'm looking for a MOO that runs on NT and provides some sort of HTML 
>> interface (e.g., Pueblo).  Is it possible to achieve this using WinMOO?  

I am working on new core programmed in Cold, called Cold Paradigm.  I don't
expect to have any distributeable copies for another few months.

Cold Paradigm, Pueblowise, is way beyond any other Pueblo-based MUD I've
seen.  It's got a Myst-like window with a clickable picture or description
of the room.  Other windows include room's contents, who listing, inventory,
equipment, score and windows for program code.  All the windows update when
any of the information in them changes.

If you have the patience and time to learn about Cold and it's language, it
would definitely be the way to go.

If you're more interested in the MOO-based Paradigm, you can email me for
the latest copy.  The core auto-updates and is very ANSI and pueblo-capable.
All text referencing an object is clickable.  It's a great system to hack,
it's got some great features such as swapping, distribution, MOO-net and
merging objects, but it's severly lacking in the basics.

>If you are starting from scratch, use Cold.  It compiles in Win32, is much
>faster than MOO, has a full HTTP/1.0 server port, and text in ColdCore is
>stored in an internal form that can be decompiled based off your content
>type (@set content-type=text/html to get html output).

Before typing this, you need to tell Pueblo to get ready for raw html:
</xch_mudtext><img xch_mode=purehtml>

I heard the Win32 support wasn't completed...  So it is now?  What do I need
to do to get it to compile in Win95?

- Kipp
I'm sick of writing signatures.

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