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Is there any other way to install FUP in Winmoo. As far as i know, it won't
work. Anyone have any ideas?
Matthew Schmidt
Lieutenant Picard
Master Yoda
Archwizard to Alliance MOO

> From: Brack <>
> To: Adrian Irving-Beer <>; MOO-Cows mailing list
> Subject: Re: FUP
> Date: Sunday, February 16, 1997 3:05 PM
> At 11:42 AM 2/16/97 PST, Adrian Irving-Beer wrote:
> >Okay, I know I should look this up somewhere, but my net access is 
> >extremely limited (I only get 2 hours limited access and half an hour 
> >full internet per day)... where can I get FUP?  I used to have it (and 
> >the docs), but it all got wiped.
> >
> try
> As for the time limits, looks like you might need to find another
> or else pay for access, but whatever works for you..


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