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Feb 02 Core

	There seems to be a slight problem in the new core and I can't
figure out where it is.

	Here's what's happening:

	Case 1:
	$server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings = 0
	  (this is default)

	@edit $command_utils:do_huh
	#59:verbname_match, line 2:  Type mismatch
	... called from #59:find_verb_named, line 5
	... called from #49:parse_invoke, line 24
	... called from #50:invoke (this == #49), line 37
	... called from #6:@edit (this == #99), line 6
	(End of traceback)

	Case 2:
	$server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings = 1

	@edit $command_utils:do_huh

	This will bring in the verb $command_utils:explain_syntax which is
the one before :do_huh...  So, somehow, the entire system of numeric verbs
versus stringed ones isn't quite bug free yet.

	Someone care to explain and suggest a quick fix?


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