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Re: 2 quessies

At 06:08 PM 2/17/97 PST, Tim MacLachlan wrote:
>I ran a MOO several years ago..and have just started one up again.
>Problem is I have forgotten all the wizzy things again. I've read the
>Wiz FAQ and the Moo FAQ but cant find the info to two things. I'm
>sorry if this is a faq question..but it doesnt seem to be in it.
>1. Is there any way that you can put a carriage return/blank line
>in a description?
>I'm trying to do something like this on a room description:
>"description blah blah...
>Obvious Exits: north......"
>so that the blank line is part of the description..??
>2. Along time a go..someone posted up code for how to make the exits
>appear under the description when someone 'looked' at the room. If I
>could get this code again..then I wouldnt have to puit the exits
>in the would print them automatically.
>Thanks..if this is a FAQ then please tell me where the info is..

most people put a verb called "tell_exits" on $room, then edit :look_self
to tell you that.
So you'd put something like this:

player:tell(); /* blank line you wanted */

And then :tell_exits would show you all the various exits (try using
this:obvious_exits() for a list of them)
These aren't necessarily "wizzy" things so that's why they aren't in the
FAQs.. anyone can make a room parent that does this.


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