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a core change thing

He sent this to me, thought it might be useful to someone out there so I
asked him if I can forward it..

>Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 07:17:24 -0600
>X-Personal_name: J.D.Mischo
>Hi there...this is about the changes to the Lambda Core...
>I wrote a small utility to send moo code's perfect
>for sending the changes over automatically...I made the changes into a
>file called changes.core (except the ones you do in the verb editor...
>I'm feeling a little lazy right now), and used the code I had whipped
>up to send over the modifications...
>I'd be happy to supply the program and the file to anyone who wants it.
>I'm a wiz on AussieMOO and am currently starting a new MOO called
>DaeMOOnSpawn.  I'm Moreth on them, and on Lambda.  I can be reached on
>Lambda, or AussieMOO ( 7777 *or*
>7777) as Moreth.
>Jon ;P~
>Jonathan Mischo -- "...I'll run naked through the streets without my mask
>Senior Systems Analyst -- Talent Information Management, LLC --
>GAT/O d- s+:+ a? C++++(---)$ UBISOVX*++++$ !P>P+ !L(-) E--- W+(--) K- w---
>V-- PS++ Y+(++) t+ X++++ R !tv(+) b++ DI+++++ D+++ G+ e* h- r++ y** 

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