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Core Release!

Announcing the release of LambdaCore-02Feb97! This is the latest database of core objects taken from LambdaMOO. It is available for ftp transfer at:

or, if you have web pages that link to this file you can use:[.Z]

This version of the core contains 94 objects all with code modified to be compliant with LambdaMOO server version 1.8.0p5. All changes required by ChangeLog.txt in the server release are already incorporated into the core.

Those of you wishing to start up a new MOO should consider using this database file to build onto. There is a news item explaining some of the starting fundamentals for a new MOO, but definitely not all of them. You should also be sure to get a copy of the ProgrammersManual (at the same site).

We're not guaranteeing that this core is entirely bug-free, but we have endeavored to get it in the best shape that we possibly can. Please send any reports here so that we can incorporate them. If there turns out to be a large amount of really bad ones, we'll probably fix it up in the core and make a new release.


The wizards of LambdaMOO.

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