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more questions

Hello people, 

Here are a couple more questions I'd like to add to the faq I'm
writing but I don't know the answer to them. Could you please advise
me the best answer so I can add it to the faq? Thanks

1. how do i create an object that cannot be moved by anyone other than
me? (hope you dont mind me including your question, Stephen)

2. I'd like to have a money property on $player that is inherited by all
players. However, I want the property on all players when it is
not to be owned by them but to still be owned by the wizard who owns
$player. The reason for this is so that only a wizard or a pay to ...
command can change the value of money each player has..and if they
are a programmer, they cant change there value. I realise I can @chown
<player>.money to a wiz but it'll be hell to go through the database
manually doing this for each player. Is there something I can do to 
do it automatically? 

3. Linked to above, is there a really quick way of adding a value to
the <player>.money command for each player in the database


Tim MacLachlan
Network System Manager, Itchen College


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