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Re: more questions

In message <>, Tim MacLachlan writes:
> 1. how do i create an object that cannot be moved by anyone other than
> me? (hope you dont mind me including your question, Stephen)

@verb foo:moveto this none this
@program foo:moveto
if (player == this.owner)
  player:tell("You fail to move ",, " to ", args[1].name, ".");

> 2. I'd like to have a money property on $player that is inherited by all
> players. However, I want the property on all players when it is
> inherited
> not to be owned by them but to still be owned by the wizard who owns

You want to toggle the c permission on $ Either remove it,
or add it (can never remember which way it works). You still have to
chown it for existing players, though. A for p in (players()) should
do the trick.

> 3. Linked to above, is there a really quick way of adding a value to
> the <player>.money command for each player in the database
> automatically?

Use for p in (players()), as above. New players will inherit the value
of $ as their initial value, same as with all properties.

Michel Lavondes (, speaking only for himself

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ATT executives shall give birth to two-headed operating systems, and 
copyrights shall be expunged. The voice of the GNU shall be heard, but
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