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Re: more questions

> Maybe if you're really that paranoid, you should lock your computer in
> closet and never turn it on (let alone put it on a <gasp> network).
> After all, if somebody really wanted to move you, they could just hack
into the 
> server machine, stop the MOO server, steal the DB, erase all the backups,
> your location by hand in a text editor, re-upload the DB, and restart the

> server.
> Then again, maybe the best solution is to drop a 2-ton safe on whoever is

> malicously moving you around.

It's a far cry from


to what you just described.

The original poster wanted an object that could not be moved by anyone else
than the person who owned it.  One reply answered this request, but the
code given
left a loophole that would allow someone other than the object's owner to
move the
object.  So, I offered a more robust solution.  Brack also added thoughts
on how
to handle a situation where the object in question is a player.  

And you treat the whole exchange like we're all idiots.



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